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Where we excel 

We believe that communication is effective when the intended audience reacts with the desired consumer response.

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We love working with small business clients because the work presents the ultimate challenge of delivering immediate results. 

We offer support with logo refinement, business cards, letterhead, brochures, websites, social media content, and other types of promotion such as event promotion, media relations, and speaking engagements. 

Marketing material

Need help getting the word out? We can help.

Our clients count on us to write promotional material, create visual content, and use multiple communications channels simultaneously to reach the public with their message. 

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Problems solved!

Motivate product trial
A laundry detergent that’s effective in cold water must reach consumers in the right frame of mind with its brand message. We sent a branded bill stuffer to every hydro customer, describing the energy- and cost-saving benefits of cold water wash.  

Improve member satisfaction 
When members’ expressed needs are unfulfilled, associations face a swift decline in member satisfaction. But when member satisfaction with internal and external communications reaches 84% and 96% respectively, significant organizational growth is possible. 

Overcome bad press
You’ll find an ear thermometer in most family homes today but at the time of its consumer launch, doctors had serious reservations and were actively recommending against its use. Once the leading Canadian paediatric journal published a statement on the safety and reliability of the ear thermometer, physician support followed.